Anglo-Turkish Relations: 2012 Olympic Games

In September 2010 Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan presented a letter of Sultan Murad III in response to Elizabeth I, as a gift to British Prime Minister David Cameron. The letter changed hands out of courtesy and in search of continuity of good relations. Erdogan sets off for London, again in July 2012 to have a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Turkish Prime Minister will attend the inauguration ceremony of 2012 London Olympic Games, which is on July 27th, Friday, as the guest of Cameron. The two prime ministers will watch the basketball game between women teams of Turkey and Angola. In the challenging, enthusiastic and unifying atmosphere of the Olympic Games the two prime ministers might have certain issues, namely incidents in Syria, military activities on the Turkish-Syrian border and findings from the Turkish plane which was downed by Syria last month in their thoughts. Erdogan might be interested in finding out the British Prime Minister’s perspective about Turkish-Syrian relations.

Good luck to all Turkish athletes, who are 114 in number (and gladly 66 of them are female). We would like to welcome them back with lots of medals in all categories they contest, with unforgettable memories and with appreciation of the world sports fans.

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