The Salvation of Stephen Dedalus

The latest project of the Department of English Language and Literature is the production of "The Salvation of 
Stephen Dedalus", a new play written and directed by Associate Professor Don Randall. The play is based on James Joyce's novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, from which it takes some of its scenes and characters. Most of the dialogues and situations, however, are original. Don Randall plays four roles; Assistant Professor Patrick Hart plays James Joyce. Another colleague, Dr Gul Kurtulus, is the production manager. Some major and minor roles are played by ELIT students, including the title character, played by Berat Melih Kalender. The presentation of several minor roles and much of the backstage support for the play has been undertaken by students of the Department of American Culture and Literature, with the cooperation of Dr Christopher Rivera. Some important roles are performed by students from various other departments, and four international exchange students are also participating.
The action of the play takes place in Dublin, in the last years of the nineteenth century. Stephen Dedalus's schooldays are portrayed, along with selected moments of his family life. The play shows scenes of his adolescence, including the precocious and troubling emergence his adult sexuality. Stephen's short-lived but intensely experienced interest in becoming a priest is closely examined. The play ends with Stephen's university graduation and his decision to leave his native land in pursuit of a successful career as a literary artist.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Don Randall

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  1. I saw an advert for this in the hallway. Can you tell me the dates of the performances? @19:30... I forget -- 18th, 20th... ? Thanks!