Prof. Dr. Bülent Bozkurt's Talk on "Shakespeare's Eternal Lines and Intriguing Characters"

This week, the Department of English Language and Literature is hosting a lecture by Prof. Bülent Bozkurt who acted as Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Letters and Chair of the Department of English Language and Literature between 1986-2005. Among his many accomplishments are  his activities as a distinguished translator, drama critic and writer.
Prof. Bozkurt has taught and published in the following areas: Shakespeare, seventeenth century English literature, translation, literary terms, and twentieth century British and American travel literature. His translations include sixteen plays by Shakespeare and in collaboration with his wife Saadet Bozkurt, the complete “Sonnets”, John Donne’s “Songs and Sonnets”, and “Shakespeare: A Life” by Park Honan. 
 Prof. Bozkurt will present a talk entitled “Shakespeare’s Eternal Lines and Intriguing Characters.” The seminar will take place on Wednesday, November 7, in C-Block Amphitheater at 5:40 p.m. Everyone interested in translation, Shakespeare, art and literature is invited. Refreshments will be served after the talk. For more information, you may contact elit@bilkent.edu.tr.

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