The Postmodern Face of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Theater is an important factor for human life because it is based on the creation of the experience of human living. It is a kind of expression and this reflection of expression related to human life’s experiments. Using theatre as a tool is awareness for the development of mankind. Furthermore, theater has an efficient potential to reach out to society. By staging plays based on the reality of the society and the issues concerning societies, it can easily get out to the public and help them to understand the nuances of societal elements. This can also help the society to move on forward and proceed.
Shakespeare’s many plays are put on the stage or reflected to movie screens. Shakespeare gives great opportunities to attend the play and he wants audiences to find true solutions or responses by themselves. He takes away people to unknown worlds or familiar places but his aim is to create awareness in both situation. One of the Shakespeare’s adaptable plays is the awarded film of Taviani Brothers. The film “Caesar Must Die” (Cesare Deve Morire) is adapted from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” so “Caesar Must Die” recalls the postmodern face of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

“Caesar Must Die” is based on cruciality of the theater on human life. The movie handles inmates of Rome's maximum-security Rebibbia Prison. Italian filmmaking team Vittorio and Paolo Taviani’s docudrama throws light on hopeless lives of inmates. These inmates do not know the sun, the sky or trees because the beauties of life are forgotten. With the help of theater, they hold on to life and forget their own crime, lives and even names on the stage. During six months, they have performed the play, helping them to see the sun, the sky and trees again. However, inmates feel themselves useless after the performance since they have begun their own lives from scratch with this drama. The play reflects the reality of inmates and their lives at all points. All the cast want to touch on specific themes – life and death, rivalry and hate, collusion and treachery, loyalty and betrayal, the nature of crime and the codes of honor shaping the world of men. Besides, the cast of the movie is real criminals in Rome’s Rebibbia Prison so this also supports the movie’s depth and literalism.

Dealing with utmost importance of theater within a movie points out that theater is an essential part of human life. Vittorio and Paolo Taviani help people about this serious and significant part of life by putting a mirror. “Caesar Must Die” won the Golden Bear award for the best movie at the Berlin Film Festival. Taviani Brothers said that “Among the inmates were, who had got life sentences, serious criminals and this play was a kind of liberation for them.”

Gizem Irmak Yolcu, ELIT III

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