On Plays Performed by Ankara State Theater/II 2011-2012

            Haydi Karına Koş is the most entertaining and funny play I have ever seen in 2011-2012 season. The title represents a cab driver who has two wives and he runs from pillar to post between them. The play’s writer is Ray Cooney who is a famous comedy writer. In addition, he was the founder of “Theatre of Comedy Company” in London and also in some of his plays, he performs just like actors. His play (Run For Your Wife) has been translated into Turkish by Orhan Azizoğlu. In the play, we see lots of familiar and popular actors because some of them are also playing in TV shows. Moreover, the director, Ali Hürol is also familiar to us because he acts in many TV shows in Turkey. There are seven actors in the play and each of them has a remarkable role. The main character is Cüneyt Mete and in the play his name is John Smith. He has two wives; one of them is Şirin Giobbi (in the play Mary Smith) and his other wife is Pelin Dikmenoğlu (in the play Barbara Smith.) There are two police commissioners; Şahap Sayılgan (Porter) and Savaş Tamer (Thomson). Moreover, there are two neighbours, who breathe new life into the play, Ünsal Coşar (Stanley Gardner) and Mert Hürol (Boby Franklin). The play is staged in Cüneyt Gökçer Theatre On April 19th, 2012 in Çayyolu which is a recent theatre hall and enormously large compared to other theatres in Ankara. For the first time I watched a play from balcony but watching it from overhead is quite an experience. During the play; stage design, which looks like a house but indeed it is divided into two different houses, keeps its stability.
In the play, John Smith is a cab driver and he married to Mary but 6 months later he married Barbara. The two women are completely different from each other. Barbara is sexy, charming woman and she has extraordinary behaviours. But Mary represents the perfect wife; preparing food for her husband, tidying the household in other words she gives importance to moral principles. In order not to be caught, John prepares a timetable and he puts some codes in specific days such as, ADB= All day Barbara, HTM= Half time Mary. However, one day he has an accident and his programme goes wrong because both of his wives are worried about John. At the same time Mary and Barbara call different police departments in order to inform them about the loss of their husbands. The events are mixed up when police commissioners get involved and John’s neighbour, Stanley lends help to John. John makes a great effort to solve the problem but the issue becomes more and more complicated. At the end of the play John revealed everything but this time nobody believes him. It is clearly type of a comedy but indeed the writer tries to put emphasis on “the institution of marriage” and in a way he criticizes marriage in a funny way. Moreover, the play is accepted as a “vaudeville” which is a type of theatre entertainment in the 1800s and early 1900s which included music, dancing and jokes. Its aim is to make audience laugh and entertain them. Because of this reason in some parts of the play we see exaggerated events and characters. As a result of being a comedy, in almost all of the scenes audience amuse themselves and laugh. For example, at the very beginning of the performance; when Mary and Barbara call police department anxiously, they need to introduce John and they tell exactly
the same features and simultaneously they say “John Smith.” In another scene, Stanley makes contact with audience and wants them to applaud. First nobody does anything but then they string along with him. Mostly I fancy the way Barbara talks and I laugh every time she says “Hellooo!!” In one scene, Barbara begins to make a sexy dance, John and Stanley join her, too. Suddenly, the lights are turned off and the stage changes into a disco. I like both dance figures and the music so this scene is the most amusing part. In addition to all these good comments, the play is too long because toward the end I cannot keep up with the play and I want it to end up as soon as possible.
Lastly, the stage design is a usual one. At first glance you see a simple living room but indeed it is divided into two different houses. One of them belongs to Mary and the other belongs to Barbara. The costumes contain overtones from 1970s for instance John is wearing a wide leg trouser. In my opinion costumes play a significant role in this play because it helps us to understand the differences between the two women. Barbara prefers to wear décolleté dresses and she looks very sexy. Also in every scene she has an excessive make-up even when she gets up in the morning. Moreover, Barbara’s neighbour Boby wears a pink jumper with pink pad and this dressing helps audience to understand that he is a gay. There is no unusual lighting or sound effects because there is always chaos in the play so it is a good choice not to exaggerate these elements. In conclusion; if you want to have fun and amuse yourself, it is a good choice to see Haydi Karına Koş. Not only the well-composed plot but also great efforts of all of the actors make it worth seeing.
Hazal Yavuz, ELIT II

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