Distinguished Turkish Translator and Poet Nazmi Ağıl at Bilkent

            We Host Nazmi Ağıl at Bilkent

The Department of English Language and Literature is
proud to present Turkish translator and poet Nazmi Ağıl. He is the translator of many world-famous authors’ and poets’ works such as: William Wordsworth’s Prelude, Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock, Aharon Appelfeld’s Iron Tracks and Badenheim 1939, and Theodore Roethke’s Open House. He is also known as a poet who has been publishing his poetry since 1998. Gökçe Yazı (1998), Boşanma Dosyası (1998), Beni Böyle Değiştiren (2000), Aşk Küçücük, Kırılgan (2002), Kokarca Aramak (2005) and Babalar ve Oğullar: Umut’un Defteri (2008) are his published poetry books. He won Yunus Nadi Poetry Prize with Boşanma Dosyası in 1998. He is working as Assistant Professor at the Department of English Language and Comparative Literature at Koç University. Nazmi Ağıl is going to present a lecture entitled “Gelse Otursa Meclise Bir İngiliz Ozan” about the journey that the translator goes through while translating the works of each new poet. This lecture will reveal hints about his own experience as a translator. It  will be in Turkish and will take place on Thursday, October 20, 5.40 p.m. in G-160. Everyone interested in translation, poetry, and literature is invited.

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