Can You Hear Me?

October 24th was sad, solemn and uneasy for people in Van. For those who simply heard about the earthquake there was nothing to do but to think hard for an effective step to be taken for the victims there.  In the morning an announcement was made about the collaboration of Bilkent High School and Turkish Red Crescent Society to collect necessary items and send them to Van.  Faculty of Humanities and Letters, English Language and Literature Department students were sensitive to the matter and responded to this call for help quite immediately. By noon plastic bags full of necessary items, bottles of water, toys, woolen shawls, pieces of clothes were brought to the department. Apart from being familiar with the aspects of culture, literature, worldview and philosophy of world-famous European, British and American authors students develop their notion of becoming world citizens at ELIT. Unfortunately, mostly at times of need the outcome of this life-long learning process is seen and felt dearly. Heartfelt thanks go to those who contribute to the ongoing campaigns, who try to amend the awkward and tragic situation of the ones who suffer due to the latest natural disaster.

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