Director’s Note: The Salvation of Stephen Dedalus

Although I’ve tried to write Irish patterns of speech into the play, none of the actors have been directed to attempt Irish accents. The most any of us has attempted is a kind of ‘neutral’ (that is, non-regional) British accent – with the exception of Patrick Hart, who has no need to attempt a British accent, having been bred to it. In my direction, I have insistently pushed for clear enunciation and appropriately placed emphases in delivery. The goal for the actors is to inhabit the language, as much as possible, to make the English language an effective vehicle for expression, rather than an impediment. For the major roles, I have portrayed my understanding of the characters to the actors and urged them to identify with the characters. But for the most part I have concentrated on the immediate demands of the dramatic situations and the pertinent character motivations, giving directions like ‘You must get in front of him quickly. Otherwise, he will simply walk away.’ or ‘Your speech is all about names. In your delivery, every name must be emphasized.’

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Don Randall

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