Memory of a Large Christmas by Lillian Smith

Lillian Smith was born in 1897. She was a teacher, editor, and writer. She has traveled extensively in England, Italy, France, India, China and Brazil but has spent most of her life in the rural South, out of which much of her writing stems. From 1936 to 1946 she was co-editor and publisher of South Today, a magazine devoted to Southern problems. She gained prominence as a writer with the publication of her highly controversial novel Strange Fruit, 1944, which was followed by three nonfiction works- Killers of the Dream, 1949; The Journey, 1954; and Now Is The Time, 1955- and a novel, One Hour, 1959. In 1930 she was awarded a Special Citation for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters by the National Book Award Committee.

"Memory of a Large Christmas" from her book of the same title, is a portrait of Christmas as she knew it in her childhood. But in a larger perspective, "Memory of a Large Christmas" is a biography of a way of American life that flourished in the nineteenth century and lingered on in the South until the first decades of the twentieth century.

 Memory of a Large Christmas

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